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Akiramenai DAYS

Psycho Le Cemu’s mood still fill me up these days, and I’m totally fall in love with their recent song “Akiramenai DAYS”. The music is cheerful as usual, and the story on the promotion video is hilarious. Daishi become a detective and the other member are the thieves.
Daishi is a famous detective with an IQ more than 200, that receiving order from FBI and CIA.
Yura-sama aka phantom prince is a phantom noble that very brilliant and even successfully stealing the moon.
Aya aka lovely cat is the true beauty with an ability to deceiving and controlling millionaire around the world.
SEEK aka 3 hundred million looks, his strong point is to disguise and his goal is to destruct the world.
Lida aka mad scientist, he lost his right hand as a compensation for his invention to steal the time.
And all the thieves intention is to steal the mysterious diamond that can make them to be the master of time.
But what I like the most about this song is the lyric, it seems like they are trying to encouraging themselves and the listeners at the same time.
So I decided to make an English translation for the lyric, and there are a couple pictures captured from the promotion video too, enjoy~
Credit to: www.jpopasia.com (I took the Japanese lyric from there)

Akiramenai DAYS (あきらめない DAYS)

止まってた時計の 秒針がまた動き出す

そう今こそ すべてを賭けて Go!

まだまだ あきらめないDAYS
まだまだ 叫びたいから

絶対! あきらめないで
まだまだ 走りたいから
盗まれた時間を取り戻す意味を 探して

夢見た風景を 今でも忘れられない
とどきそうなDistance 嘘がないなら

そう今こそ すべてを抱いて Go!

ハラハラ 明日を照らす
ココロは 無限大魂

絶対! 投げ出さないで
最後に 笑える為に
隠された時代を解き明かす意味を 求めて

そう答えは 言葉を超えて Go!

まだまだ あきらめないDAYS
まだまだ 叫びたいから

絶対! あきらめないで
まだまだ 走りたいから
盗まれた時間を取り戻す日々を 続けて


English translation :

The second hand of clock that had stopped starting to move again
It’s like a miracle
Because it’s something you never forget
so you’re bound to keep running

Did you realized what you have to do?
So now is the time to bet everything, Go!

The DAYS you mustn’t give up yet
Because you still want to shout
Aiming the new light of hope

Just don’t give up!
Because you still want to run
Searching the meaning of getting back the stolen times

Until now you couldn’t forget the scenery that you dreamed of
Just like a kid
Because no lies on the Distance that you can reach
so you’re bound to keep believing

Rescued by something that you love
So now is the time to embrace everything, Go!

To shine on exciting tomorrows
Heart is boundless spirit
Because you want to grab the never ending future

Just don’t throw it down!
So you can smile in the end
Wanting the meaning of unraveling the hiden ages

Did you realized on all the puzzles?
The answer is more than a word, Go!

The DAYS you mustn’t give up yet
Because you still want to shout
Aiming the new light of hope

Just don’t give up!
Because you still want to run
Keeping up the days to getting back the stolen times

There are more of BRAND NEW DAYS

Psycho Le Cemu Back!!

Happy New Year~~~

Wow it has been so so long since my last post here,
I can see dust and spider's web everywhere Haha..
And it seems like there are no improvement in my English too, *sad*

Ok back to the business, a few days ago I’m stumbled upon Psycho Le Cemu’s live video on youtube. And it surprised me a lot for sure, because I thought that during their hiatus period they have no concert. But guess what, they had their 10th and 15th anniversary concerts. After searching around in some places, I found that the video are some cuts from their 15th anniversary concert. And it feel so nostalgic seeing them playing on stage again, bringing back memories from the old days. They are still the same, just like the hiatus period is never happen in the first place.
Daishi’s voice is cute as always, still in his hero’s costume theme singing every lyric of the songs powerfully.
Next, the pinky one that never fail to be the eye candy, Aya. In the middle of the show this pretty guitarist singing a comedy song with his super manly voice that successfully bringing the laughter of the audience.
And now here we go for the narcissistic drummer, Yura-sama. As their usual ritual, in some of songs that they are playing Yura-sama would left out his nest and doing furi furi dance in the front with Aya. I think this white haired drummer is never seems to be lack of energy.
No hero without the bad guy, ok here come the monster. Yes there is SEEK that always sacrificing himself to be the villain for all these years. He is wearing a big red costume that seems so heavy and I bet it’s hot as hell inside.
Last but not least, the leader of the band, Lida. This time he is wearing a warrior like costume, I don’t know, he is the only member that have no particular theme. He always be “the anything left”, Hahaha. And there is no his signature orange hair either, I’m even barely can see his face. His head is all covered with a mask and bright red wig.
Although it has been many years since their hiatus announcement, but there are still a lot of the audience coming to watch their performance. I wish I could be there too *cries*

There are a few pictures captured from the video, enjoy~

Credit to: the youtube video’s uploader ( I forgot the name, sorry)



this image is from the ivy PV of the HIATUS
take a lookCollapse )